Laurie Mueller

Director of Continuous Improvement

Laurie’s background is in client services and project management which supports her passion for lean manufacturing and a continuous improvement culture. Her most recent accomplishment becoming certified as a Change Management Practitioner compliments this role nicely. She is an innovative problem solver who is willing to take risks, a disciplined activator who enjoys turning thoughts into actions, and wastes little time moving forward. She prefers difficult to reach goals and tackles assignments with enthusiasm and speed – a “let’s do it right now” attitude. She’s an original thinker who refuses to be stifled by traditions or trapped by routines. She can think big picture and anticipate problems and has a purposeful approach to situations and people.

Laurie has a devotion to helping others and cultivating the potential in her teammates. She has a talent for inspiring them to try new things and motivating them to take action sooner rather than later. Her optimistic outlook helps others believe in their potential.

I am a problem solver who enjoys a challenge. I thrive when able to create efficiencies and improve process that result in amazing experiences for our employees, our customers, and our business, and I am honored to work with an extremely resourceful and inspiring team that make it all happen.



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