Kevin Peters


Kevin’s success creating exceptional experiences through project management and production, as well as his innovative problem solving skills, uniquely qualifies him to excel in the role of Division President for IDL Print. Kevin started at IDL in March 1999 and has 25 years of printing expertise with a specialized printing degree from Clemson, one of the top print technology universities in the nation. Kevin began his career as a project manager leading key print accounts. His passion for service and his entrepreneurial approach have helped our teams by creating innovative tools and processes that make us all more efficient and effective. In the last five years, Kevin has brought that same passion for service into manufacturing with the goal to transform our operations into a client- focused team that consistently delivers exceptional experiences. Through his inspiration and his work ethic, Kevin has developed teams of professionals who are humble, hustling, problem solvers working to move at the speed of retail.

I can’t imagine a better way to “enrich lives through amazing experiences” than by starting with the lives of our very own employees.


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