Corey Bidwell

Director of Operations

Corey has dedicated his purpose at IDL to creating and contributing to business and operational strategy within the executive leadership, enhancing operational teams within a very dynamic environment, and elevating individual contributors to a connected growth path. Corey’s’ primary role oversees the manufacturing for IDL and is supported through his internal role development, military background, and specialized aviation education. Corey has brought an incredible focus and passion to the pursuit of innovation and optimization within print manufacturing, this has and will continue to bring a better client experience that evolves the approach and speed to market.

I am privileged to be part of IDL’s endless pursuit of creating amazing experiences by a devotion to innovation and service. Our team continues to push the boundaries of “what is possible” and the curiosity results in an incredible journey amongst our employees and the brands we work with.


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Diana Canzano

Director of Client Services

Eli J. Kasan

Creative Director

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