Ben Rodgers

Pre-Production Optimization Manager

Native of western PA, Ben joined IDL Print in 2014 to drive operational excellence throughout the administrative functions of production engineering and project management. With a passion for big data and systematic lean implementation, Ben has provided many breakthroughs in both organizational quality and efficiency. However, it is his people-first mindset that enables him to build and sustain world class, high performing teams at IDL. Ben began his journey into operations leadership nearly 13 years ago after graduating from St. Vincent College, the very first colleges to offer accredited Lean/Operational Excellence degrees in the United States. Specializing in Business Administration and Operational Excellence, Ben was hired out of college by Kennametal Inc., and he gained valuable experience as an Industrial Engineer working throughout the U.S. and Europe. He differentiated himself as a problem-solver by investing his time and efforts in building strong relationships with shop floor employees, and leveraging the collective potential of the teams he supported. With a motto of People, Passion, Patience, Ben quickly learned that he was most interested in leading people, and ultimately serving people through Leadership – thus aligning strongly with the values of IDL Worldwide. A very genuine leader, Ben’s developed several teams at IDL that consistently demonstrate integrity, humility, service, and passion. His teams are able to embrace change, respond with agility, and they work relentlessly to provide exceptional experiences to IDL’s clients every project, every day.

I am most grateful for IDL’s holistic approach to continuous improvement because it preserves the delicate balance between process innovation and human experience.



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